Wave of the Week


Lance’s Right, Indonesia. Go ahead, mind surf away….


And we have a winner!

It’s been a pretty good year over here in Kenworthy photo land: Leave A Message, the Nike Chosen Campaign, some great trips and a few covers to top it off. Well, things just got a bit better thanks to the boys over at Transworld Surf who chose Jason’s Bruce Irons flare cover as their 2011 Photo of the Year! A huge congrats to Worthy and cheers to TWS and crew.


Handplane Love

If you’ve followed this blog at all you know that we post a good deal of content around handplaning because, well, its fun. And with more and more people catching on, from your average joe to big name pro, the handplane love is growing. Check out ESPN.COM‘s  most recent article and a cool gallery full of our handplane shots.

Just because we’re home…

…doesn’t mean we’re not busy. With the Hawaii season in the books, and a bit of a gap until the 2012 tour starts I’ve been able to spend a bit of time milling about at home. Luckily for us, the waves have been fun, the weather great, and a crop of the top young surfers in town. I’ve been shooting relentlessly with Kolohe Andino and crew. Check out this ESPN.COM article for a little more insight.



The Spartan

ESPN sits down to catch up with Michel Bourez, talking about surfing, the world tour, and his growing family. Click the link HERE to read the interview and check out a full gallery of Kenworthy’s photos! And a huge congrats to Michel on an insane season and his soon to be baby boy…

Sunset at SanO

Over the couple of weeks we have been getting lucky with fun waves and warm weather. It seems like every night there are amazing colors at sunset. This night was crazy with colors,giving me another reason why I  love being in California in the Fall.

Random Thoughts…

With North Narabeen’s own Laura Enever

JK: 5 things most people don’t know about you…

LE: I want to sew, I never liked fish when I was younger, and I actually do have a bit of determination and fire deep down.

JK: Your first year on tour is over, tell me what what you have been doing since it ended.

LE: It’s been crazy. I went to New York for a couple weeks for the whole fashion week deal, and then went and enjoyed home for a bit. I actually started meditating and got really into pilates. So I found my inner zen. I found a new passion for 80’s rock music.

JK: Whose your favorite band?

LE: Dragon, it’s this Australian Band. I went to some bar and saw them, that was rad.

I pretend I can dance but I actually can’t to save my life, I’m really uncoordinated. I just roll with the fact that hair whipping is the new thing.

JK: What’s your dream trip?

LE: Dream trip… It would have to be a week in the Mentawais on the Pelagic and then a week in Bali shopping and having some cocktails: but getting good surf. The best of both worlds.

/>JK: Whose your celebrity crush?

LE: Leonardo DiCaprio, I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I loved him in Titanic, I loved him in The Beach, I dont know if I like him these days but back in the day… back when he was Jack, he was so cool.

JK: How can people keep up with everything you’re doing?


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